Interactive adaptations of Agatha Christie's beloved murder-mysteries have ranged from good to great (Death on the Nile). Well, fans of these casual games will be pleased to know the latest adventure - Agatha Christie: Peril at End House - is the best yet, providing many hours of seek-and-find fun on your PC. Click here to download it now!
You must help Poirot with this task by searching for clues, meeting suspects and most of all, searching for items in more than two dozen locations (spread out between four main areas: End House, Majestic Hotel, Nursing Home and Town). If you get stuck you can access a few limited hints, which reveals where an item is in the scene.

Unlike most other seek-and-find games, Peril at End House cleverly weaves in clues and other plot-related puzzles into each scene - not to mention the look and music are relevant for this story and time period, too - such as finding pieces of a newspaper which, when put together, reveals a clue or realizing it's a man's shoe that left a grease footprint in a garage. Hmm.

Players will also have specific tasks in each level, such as finding six toys and placing them in a beach basket or finding the letters to spell E-N-D H-O-U-S-E and putting them on a sign in the correct sequence. Some levels have animated objects, too, such as a mouse you need to find, who reveals itself briefly before scurrying off into the corner.

I'm a fan of seek-and-find games but there are so many of them now that some of them seem mundane. Peril at End House, however, is gorgeous to look at, fun to play, and never boring.

Fans of these kinds of games will no doubt find this to download to be of the best in the genre. Its pick-up-and-play accessibility, beautiful presentation, engaging story and great puzzles all make Agatha Christie: Peril at End House perfect for armchair sleuths.


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